Looking for a better alternative to antiseptic creams?

Here are a few reasons why Ouchie Powder makes a great choice for the First Aid Kit.

1. It quickly stops cuts, grazes and other wounds from bleeding.

Wound location, wound shape and infection are addressed by Ouchie Powders ability to cover any shape or sized wound no matter where on the body it is located. The natural antibiotic properties of Ouchie Powder work to prevent infection while absorbing excess blood and instigating fast coagulation.

2. It speeds up healing.

Scientifically proven to speed up healing Ouchie Powder uses a process that stimulates fibroblast cells to enter the cut or wound site and begin laying down an extracellular matrix of collagens, glycosaminoglycan’s, reticular and elastic fibres and glycoproteins which form the fundamental building blocks of skin repair.

2. Its convenient to carry with you.

Ouchie Powder comes in a convenient 30gram bottle with over 60 doses per bottle. At just 8.5cm x 3cm x 3cm in size, it is convenient enough to carry in a pocket, handbag, tool box, first aid kit or medicine cabinet.  Its also the only thing you will need to carry because it stops bleeding quickly you may not need a plaster at all.

3. It works in places that are difficult to apply plasters and bandages.

Effectively applying a bandage is not always possible to do, especially when cuts and wounds are awkwardly located or the size does not allow for appropriate coverage from standard size bandage. Ouchie Powder can easily be applied anywhere quickly sterilising a wound and stopping bleeding.

4. It is a natural skin healing product.

Unlike many synthetic alternatives which can cause reactions and increased wound sensitively, Ouchie Powder is a natural product which promotes and aids healing with out upsetting the skin.